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"Dr. Candelaria takes a personal interest in the welfare of all of her patients. In addition to counseling on good dental habits, she is caring and deliberate while completing dental work in her office and she or a staff member make follow-up calls to check on the progress of her patients. I highly recommend her because she really knows what she's doing and consistently communicates with her patients during all dental procedures. She doesn't want her patients to feel any pain and she wants them to be satisfied with her work, which I am.” - Owen W.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Dr. Candelaria really is first class when it comes to quality dental care. Her focus on detail, ensuring your teeth are receiving the most thorough attention, has really been unlike any other experience I've had with other dentists. She clearly takes a great deal of pride in her work and also seems really interested in communicating and educating you on your dental needs. She's very gentle and friendly and has a fun sense of humor, which is always a plus when you're sitting in that patient's chair. I think Dr. Candelaria is the BEST and I highly recommend her!” - Kelly F.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"My insurance plan selected this dentist for me. I was a little nervous because it wasn't a fancy waiting room. But the dentist (Dr. Candelaria) was the sweetest. She did my cleaning, too. I left very satisfied and it was easy to get an appointment as well." 
- Derek S.

"Went in for a cleaning. Did not get a cleaning... instead, ended up with a root canal!!!  Dr. Candelaria was very professional and very kind. Best of all, she was practical. I went in with horrible pain and she discovered that I needed a root canal, and she was going to refer me, and then had some open time, so said she'd save me some time and just do it herself. Came home and immediately recommended her to my g-friend. (Professional credibility: I'm an ER doc myself.)"
- Bouchette, J. 

"Excellent dentist! She's very friendly and makes you feel really comfortable. You can tell she likes what she does and is very experienced by how thorough and detailed she is. Whether she's giving you fillings or crowns or just a cleaning, she's very focused on doing the best she can for you. I'd highly recommend Dr. Candelaria. As far as dentists go, she's probably the best I've ever had!"
- Anonymous.

"I have always had success with minority women dentists. Why? I have no idea. I'm not sure if it's their more gentle, understanding nature or their small hands, but my dental visits for the past 10 years have been much less traumatic when a female doctor is involved. Try it for yourself and see.

And so it was that I found Dr. Candelaria (not sure if I spelled that right) at Dentistas Hispanos on North Ave. It's right between the shoe store and Sub-Terranean nightclub right at the six corners in Wicker Park. I bet you never noticed it before, but look for the neon tooth in the window.

Dr. C is very knowledgeable, the assistant was a sweet, quiet man, and the clinic's rates aren't that high compared to most dentists. I believe that they will also work with you on pricing if you don't have insurance, but don't quote me on that.

I had a general cleaning and xrays on my first visit, but then came back to have two wisdom teeth extracted. That's right -- I didn't have to go to an oral surgeon. She just numbed my mouth and pulled them out, and although there was a little trouble with one of the teeth that ended up taking a lot of time, she was very patient with me through my anxiety, fears and tears (yes I'm a big baby and cried!)

A few days later I stopped in unannounced so she could look at my socket, which she did with no problem even though she was very busy.

It appears that everyone that works here is Hispanic, and although I'm Caucasian, there is no language barrier (in case that is something you might worry about). I give this 4 stars only because I hate going to the dentist, no matter how great she is!" - chicagobiker 

"Dr. Candelaria is the best!

I used to go to a very overpriced dentist in Lake Forest, but after moving to the city I was referred to Dr. Candelaria by a colleague.  The location is very convenient (right off the blue-line Damen stop) and the office has been recently upgraded.  Each room has a huge flat screen tv and I've always been impressed with the staff.  

I usually go in for a cleaning, but had to have three cavities filled the last visit.  Dr. Candelaria was very efficient and calming, completed all three, and I was out of the office in about an hour.  The office takes time to go through your bill and is very reasonable.  I have referred as many people as I can to this office because they do such a great job.  

Thanks again Dr. Candelaria."  


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